Personal Learning | Charlottesville, VA



with Eric Bredder

Personalized 2D and 3D modeling for you

Whether you are a student, hobbyist, engineer, tinkerer, or just curious, I offer different personalized learning paths that allow all people of all ages to have access to design and 3D modeling using a variety of tools. I am committed to making sure that you learn the skills and tools necessary to make your products and projects come to life.

I want to work with you to understand design and how to build models that are just right for your needs! I am like a personal trainer for computer-aided design software! I wish to help increase your skills and aptitude for CAD in order to meet the demands of future technology, jobs, and manufacturing. I am passionate about design and learning and wish to share that same excitement with you.

I am offering classes, one-on-one learning sessions, and synchronous video sessions that will help you build skills to start a small project, get into 3D printing or CNC machines, pass industry certification exams, and become master of CAD theory that will enhance your life.

Different programs and goals to learn

Beginner to Advanced: Autodesk Inventor & Fusion 360

Sketchup for Woodworkers

Programming CAD: OpenSCAD

Personalized one-on-one time to meet the needs of your education, job, project, or career aspirations!